psalmWe live in very uncertain political, economic, crisis centered
world. Is there any hope of a new way to live without stress,
worry, anguish and uncertainty? What more encouragement or
instruction do we need for a Christ centered life than:


Trust in the Lord (v3)
Delight in the Lord (v4)
Commit to the Lord (v5)
Rest in the Lord (v7)
Wait on the Lord (v34)

Trust, dwell and be fed. Delight and receive your heart's desires. Commit (and trust)
it will be done. Rest and wait, to inherit and live in the land forever.


WHY? Because salvation of the righteous is
from the Lord. He is our strength, help and
deliverer (v39-40) and because they trust
in him.


HOW? It all starts with a  commitment:
Commit your 
way to the Lord: Then we  have to put our whole
trust in Him:


AND? Leave it all to the Lord, He will do it.

Commit thy way unto the Lord;
trust also in Him; and He
shall bring it to
pass (v5)




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