Can’t you see the angel imprisoned in the block of stone trying to get out? I am trying to free him...” Michaelangelo

Many years ago, someone was watching Michaelangelo, one of the great sculptors of all time hammering out a piece of marble, and is understood to have said to the great sculptor - “Why do you hit the marble so hard? Michaelangelo replied “Can’t you seethe angel imprisoned in the block of stone trying to get out? I am trying to free him.” Of Course we are not angels, just human beings but in some ways locked into the stone and God wants to release us and so make his beautiful creation.

God who began a good work in us plans toget to the place of beauty that only he can see. It can be a long process, even a lite timeand it may be painful on the way but God does not give up. God is bringing the work to completion in Jesus in every one of us. What Is our respon
se to God who is both the beginner and the finisher? Are we prepared to let him work on us just like the potter at the wheel with a piece of clay? Isaiah 64 verse 8,‘Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay and you are the potter’. We are all formed in your hand. As Scripture repeatedly shows us,He is the potter and we are the clay. He does the planning, molding, shaping, building,constructing, fashioning, forming, and the reworking. He makes the indentations, the marks, and places His stamp of identification on us. From the time we are saved until we die, we are in God's Pottery Class. He places circumstances and people in our path, and uses His Word and our time spent with Him in prayer to accomplish His will in us. We will never know His best for us - the potential that He had in mind for us, if we don't do it His way.In difficult times, we hold onto God’s promises for each of us.


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