Why Pray?

If it is all work and no pray then try praying then working!
St Augustine said, Pray as though everything depended on God.
Work as though everything depended on you.


Prayer is the key foundation block for CIC


Suggestions to help prayer...

Why pray? ..... so that God may reign throughout the day both at work and at home. Prayer works - so pray that your work and rest be animated by the word of God and prayer.

To pray is to keep the inner silence in all things and to enjoy dwelling in the living Christ. As you pray try asking God to fill you with the Holy Spirit at all times and just feel Gods presence in your life.

It helps to meet with friends to pray - even if it is just to say the Lords prayer together and enjoy silent prayer. If you are married - pray together - God has given you each other to pray with. Have a go praying with another person if you haven't tried it before - take courage. Prayer changes the world. Remember that prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.

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